Franck Violin Sonata 4th Movement Theme

I went a concert by Leonid Gorokhov and Sachiko Hanano on March 1, and had a chance to talk to him after the concert. I asked about his phrasing of the opening melody of the 4th movement

The below is Violin Version


Usually this beautiful melody starts flat and quiet with beautiful tone. Players generally try to emphasize the beauty of this melody with fine vibrato. It is reasonable to make some decrescendo for the first 4 notes: h'-cis"-a'-gis'- fis' because it is flowing into e’.

It was my surprise that Mr. Gorokhov played above 4 notes as if there were a clear indication by the composer.
In reply to my question, he said, “As the melody of piano comes first, so I though the first few notes are enough to show we are playing a canon.”

It was impressive for me that he considers the style first, and has got to a fresh expression.
He also played Bach Cello Suite No.2 by Anna Magdalena version in the concert. It was excellent.

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