AdMaestro is an apprication for windows7 to conduct CD adopting Microsoft Kinect.Japanese site


Microsoft から2015年7秋に発売された、Xbox One Kinect センサーをAdMaestroに使用するVersionを開発中であり、来年3月のリリースを予定しております。Xbox One Kinectセンサーは感度、フレームレートなどの性能が大幅に改善されております。
現状のKinect V2では、指揮されたテンポに対して6%程度の誤差が上下に発生しますが、Xbox One Kinect センサーにより大幅な改善が期待されます。またカデンツの入りに対する信頼性の向上も期待されております。

New version for Xbox One Kinect Sensor is planned to release in March 2016.New Xbox Sensor was released in this autumn by Microsoft that would provide with much better sensitivity and frame rate. We expect that the sensor will significantly improve the performance of Admaestro in terms of exactness of capturing tempi and reliability of functions such as ‘cadenza’. We will continue to pursue ultimate goals of AdMaestro that is to use it on the actual performance. (2015/11/19)

代表取締役 津留崎護

You can change the playing speed of CD (wave format) music real time if only you conduct toward Mocrosoft Kinect ™ ! You can try your Beethoven with the Wien Phil harmony! Make Karaoke CDs accompany with your song! If you have Minus-One CDs, You can play the solo part of concerto with orchestra accompanied. AdMaestro, isn't it revolutionally?

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  • Own Performance 1

    Wagner Meistersingers

    Own Performance 2


    Own Performance 3

  • Enjoy Ensemble 1

    Mozart Piano Concerto 21-2

    Enjoy Ensemble 2

    Schubert serenade
  • Play CD along with you 1

    Mozart Voi che sapete
  • Relax with AdMaestro 1

    Mozart Gran Partita

    Relax with AdMaestro 2

    Bach Air

    Relax with AdMaestro 3

    Brahms sextet 1-2