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Score Reading I

This is an article for Admaestro users and general users who want to learn music a little more serious.
To study and interpret music , it is essential to read scores because they are only tangible materials that  composers can express their music.
Please get a miniature score of Eine kleinenacht Musik by Mozart. You can get one from your music dealers or you can down load it from IMSLP site on lime. When you use the digital score, print out a hard copy otherwise you would not be in time for turning pages.

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How to use scores (1)

This article is written for beginners who want to learn more on music.

First thing to do is to get a score of Mozart’s Serenade in G major K.525 “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”. You can get it from sheet music dealers, but it is easy to go to IMSLP site and search for “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” and download a score. When you use the score, I recommend printing out the score because turning pages is much faster than you think.


All score are written based on 5 string parts. When other instruments like winds are added, they are written above the section of string parts. Here, cellos and contrabass use same music, so 5 string parts are written in 4 parts

From the top, First Violin, Second Violin, Viola, Cello&Base are set. In Mozart time or classic era, more than 80 percent of melodies are played by the first violin.  Therefore, look at the first violin part only while you listen to the music. It is important technique not to get lost.

As you understand, you should read the next page or next stave when the first violin plays only 4 measures. Therefore, you will be busy turning your pages when music starts. If you do not get lost to the end of the first movement in any case, Congratulations!

It is not required to read each note exactly. If you can follow the music somehow, it is good enough. Repeat this lesson until you get confidence following the first violin. Then you will find yourself having time to read other parts.

When you repeat to listen to music while reading the score, you will become to be able to read the music.
Best training method to obtain this skill would be; Listening to the music with score first, and then read the score without listening to the music. Don’t hurry, but try this method.