Strength and expression marks of String Quartets Op.20 by Haydn

I have studied Haydn’s String quartets Op.20 which are composed in1772, for the strength and expression marks. Mozart composed his 13 early quartets around 1772.

Music source is HN9208 by Henle Verlag.


I was surprised at the variety of expression marks by Haydn himself that I thought many of them, like ff, poco forte, are by editors of posterity. I feel like those detailed indications show the strong interest and fondness of Haydn for String Quartet because Haydn established a new style of string quartets by this Op.20.


Composer Title Op. Strength Marks Expression Marks 
Haydn String Quartet  f-moll 20-5 f, poco f, p, pp, fz, poco piano, crescendo, pianiss., sotto voce, cresc. piano assai, piano, staccato, ' , per figuram retardanionis, sempre sotto voce,
Haydn String Quartet A-dur 20-6 f, p, pp,  pianiss. sempre staccato, sempre sotto voce,
Haydn String Quartet C-dur 20-3 ff, f, p, fz mezzo forte, piano, pianis. piano assai, piu forte, sotto voce, 
Haydn String Quartet g-moll 20-2 ff, f, p, pp,  fz,  fortiss, sopra una corda, poco piano, piano, pianiss. con forza, perdendosi, sotto voce, 
Haydn String Quartet D-dur 20-4 ff, f, p, pp, fz  piano, pianiss., forte
Haydn String Quartet Es-dur 20-1 ff, f, p, rinf, fz mezza voce, pianiss. 


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