Dynamics and Expression Marks of Boccherini

While I am examining the Dynamics and Expression marks for the different purpose, I found it interesting as a sample of italian music of Mozart era. it is  Boccherini's Six String Quinet  in IMSPL. It looks similar to the Notation of Mozart
but differ in various ways.

Here are the Dynamics and Expression Marks of Boccherini in the first Violin Part.

F.mo F. pocoF. P. P.mo
R. cresc. Tr, Piano, et tenute  cresc.  Sul ponticello 



"R." is used for ritardand, but he did not use " a tempo" . creas. is there, but no dem. or decresc.

The below is what I checked.

  1. Quintet in B-flat major, G.271
  2. Quintet in A major, G.272
  3. Quintet in C major, G.273
  4. Quintet in F minor, G.274
  5. Quintet in E major, G.275
  6. Quintet in D major, G.276

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