AdMaestro is an apprication for windows7 to conduct CD adopting Microsoft Kinect.Japanese site

What is AdMaestro?

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What is AdMaestro?

AdMaestro is a music conducting system that comprises one personal computer, one infrared sensor (Kinect) and speaker systems connected by USB cables and Audio cables, and the system can change the speed of audio digital files like music recorded on CDs or other type of media as far as the files can be converted to wave format.

This simple function which is to change the speed of CD real time by conducting, leads such complete new world of music performance that may be;

  1. You can select and conduct any orchestra from your CD library to make your own  music that can be the symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart, and so on.
  2. You can sing a song with your favorite way by conducting KARAOKE music by yourself.
  3. You can play the solo part of concerto with your friend who conducts Minus-One CD music. By AdMaestro, CD will wait for the end of cadenza and enter when you wish.

Conducting Features

AdMaestro does not use any electrical devices for conducting gesture. Kinect recognizes the center point of the right hand. Therefore, you can conduct by a bare hand or holding a conducting rod and the like.
You can conduct just as usual, which means you make conductor’s figures by your hand recalling what you might have learned in the school. AdMestro understands a simple round figure as one beat, and a drum beating action as one beat. Please take a look at the video sample below.

All conducting gesture for AdMaestro is done by the right hand, and the left hand is kept open for the communication with players and audience.

The following 3 points are something you ought to know in advance.

Effective Area of Conducting

The object of conducting is to convey your music messages to your players, AdMaestro, and to your audience. Therefore, you ought to perform clearly to everybody.
Your conducting gestures should be performed above the horizontal line of your arms so that everybody can look at andunderstand your gesture clearly. This is the same manner when you conduct an actual orchestra.
It is important that you make sure your image is surely captured by Kinect before you press down the start button. Please refer the following pictures to understand the right scope.

Sensitivity of AdMaestro

Unfortunately, as AdMaestro yet to have artificial intelligence on music practices, so it exactly reacts to all gestures you made, even if the gesture is a clear mistake.
This nature sometime causes unwanted confusion because the conductor tries to correct his performance in a different way.
We automatically remove such noises that are clear to us by music practices, and that come from the capture error of Kinect, but noises that have some possibilities to be an intention of the conductor are remained.

Mindset to be a conductor

Given the object of conducting is to convey your music messages, you should have the following in mind.

The message or the will be widely spread as may be shown bellow;
“I like this CD, but a bit slower, that’s all”
“I like this performance, but some parts should be faster, and "ritardando" must be ,,,”
“I reject total music, I’ll show you mine. I only use the beautiful tone of this orchestra “
All are wonderful intentions, and we are committed to make every effort to realize those messages by AdMaestro.

If you try AdMaestro, you will find that the performance tends to be slower if you conduct CD listening to the music, without your intentions.
Enjoy making your music seriously, and you will gradually feel players of the orchestra seriously performing to your gesture in front of you.



Ad Maestro
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