AdMaestro is an apprication for windows7 to conduct CD adopting Microsoft Kinect.Japanese site


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We have developed the specification of AdMaestro by our best knowledge because the same kind of software does not exist by our investigation. Therefore we are not so sure about the marketability of AdMaestro and how our specification is accepted by end users.
As we believe the basic functions of AdMaestro reach a satisfactory level, we have decided to release the product as beta version by the end of March. However, we should limit the total release numbers as 100 sets in March since we are not ready to set up a help desk.

Apart from the basic functions of AdMaestro, We assume some difficulty on Editor as it employs Microsoft Excel and it is not easy for those who are not familiar with Excel. Actual conductors write their interpretation of the music in a score during their study and use the score for their performance. The same would be the best solution for AdMaestro, and it might be possible if digital scores were available for almost all musical works. So far, we ought to find better solution by Excel.

We will develop the program which accepts the input by footswitch(s). This idea will help wind players and string players play with minus-one CD by themselves.

During our test period, we asked our friends to use AdMaestro in various ways. Among them, there are pianists, string players, singer, professional conductor, friends who are not familiar with music. We are surprised that many of them have rather poor knowledge and skill on basic conducting except the professional conductor and those who play in the orchestra. Thus, we acknowledge the necessity to prepare a training system for our users.

We plan to upgrade the version by the end of June, major change would be as follows;
-improve the current basic functions
-achieve the performance by footswitch(s)
-better solution for Editor

Time of release

Beta version:
We will begin our sales by download from this website on and after March 29, 2013.
As it takes sometime to set up the customer support system, we should limit our March sales to 100 sets and we will sell to the first 100 customers. Should you late to be the first 100, please subscribe AdMaestro. We will supply it as soon as we get ready.

For the customers who will have bought or subscribed Beta version before July 1, 2013, we provide free upgrade to the official release version which may cost 30% higher than Beta version.

Release version:
We are preparing the release version on July 1, 2013 by new price.

Hardware Requirements

OS: Windows7
CPU: 2.7GHz Dual-Core
HDD: at least 2GB open area
Sound Card: WSAPI
Kinect: Kinect for Windows Version
(If you have Kinect for Xbox, it may be possible to check the performance of AdMaestro, but we recommend you purchase Kinect for Windows Version. Otherwise it may cause malfunctions.)

Patent Rights

We have applied for two patents for the fundamental principles and application systems.



Ad Maestro
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Microsoft Kinect for Windows is a neccesary device to use AdMaestro.

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