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Franck Violin Sonata – Interpretation

When I was still in my twenties, I heard the problem of Franck’s Violin sonata. The feeling of the first 3 movements is quite different from that of 4th movement in spite of his cyclic form to achieve uniformity. I felt maybe so, because I agreed the difference of the feeling, but I didn’t think it a problem.

But this problem dragged for many years. One day when I was reading a book about the Borgia family, I got an idea of literary interpretation for the problem from scandalous rumors about Lucrezia Borgia. I want to make it clear that my literary interpretation has no relations with Franck and/or Yseye. I’ll write my literary one later, and I l write here a usual musical interpretation first.

Form of the 1st movement is A-A’, However, It would be suitable to understand this movement as  sonata form without a development section since the first theme is meticulously worked on the basic motive M1, and second theme is also carefully set as we usually see in sonata form.

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