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Future music (1)

We have experienced drastic changes of music in 20 century. It is almost impossible for us to imagine how people enjoyed music, what kind of performances were appreciated before 20centuries. There are many reasons; Tonal harmony that had developed since 1600s came to the end in the early 20tn century. Various inventions and development of science and technology provided new lights on music performances. Speakers and CDs give chances of the recovery for once extinct musical instruments like recorders, lutes, viols and so on. It is getting popular that Beethoven’s Symphony is played by period instruments. One of the best places to listen to music is his or her audio room. They listen to the world highest level music by audio equipment and go to concerts to meet their friends. To players, exactness, velocity, rewards are impeccable for their debut, and the best evaluation criteria for music and recording companies are easy to measure, easy to digitalize,
I don’t like some of the changes, though, I think I got the great benefit of these changes and I am happy with living in this age.

Do you think this commercialized music world will continue to the end of this century? We knew the change of styles, baroque, classical, romantic, modern. In our century, we enjoy all of the style in many deferent ways on the same business model. Sheet music is the same, we use urtext version and edit version. Everything is in a crucible now and waiting for melt down.
Next time I want to discuss in details