First Stage Performance by AdMestro

After our periodical Concert in the last October, we were inquired for the performance at a concert for children in March 1. It is a graduation memory concert of the elementary school.
A mother told us that program would be La Follia by Corelli, Siciliano and Rigodon by Kreisler, Sonata in G minor by Eccles and 2nd and 3rd movements of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto and she did not want a piano accompaniment and want a string orchestra to accompany.

We  arranged Corelli, Kreisler and Eccles for Baroque Ensemble style with strings and cembalo and decided to use AdMaestro at stage for the first time.

We had the concert at Warabi City culture hall yesterday.
For Mendelssohn, we used CD by MMO as source music, AdMaestro with Kinect, and one each pult of Vn1,Vn2,Va,Vc,Cb as a string orchestra. Speakers were hanging type and located at the top of the stage.

Some audience said “It was so natural, I wondered where the winds were located” String players who had no time to practice said “It was so easy as we are supported. Problem was when I played off key, my sound did not harmonize and that tone went directly to the audience like I was a soloist.”

For me, as a conductor, it was a bit strange as the music of winds went through over my head since speakers were fixed at the ceiling. Speakers should be located behind the string orchestra.
AdMaestro had no problem at all. I set Kinect at the left front side of me and it did not pick up noises as lighting of audience was off.

I was quite sutisfied with this  concert.



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